Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lucas & Hudson

I look forward to seeing this family every year too. These little balls of energy were so good and listened pretty well dispite honestly not wanting to take Mom and dad were on the ball with the bribes and in the end we got smiles and portraits this family will cherish in the years to come. I can't wait to meet their little girl who's due in April.

Baby Thomas

Talk about a sweet boy who wanted nothing more than to eat and cuddle. Thomas was honestly a good baby, but mom may think It doesn't matter that when I got to their home I warned mom and dad that Thomas would soil my stuff and that it's ok, she was still MORTIFIED when it actually  When little Thomas was asleep he was a dream to work with, when he was awake, he was eating. I hope I get to see Thomas, his big brother Michael, and their dog Bozley again really soon!!

My sweet Gabriella

I know you guys remember this beauty. I've photographed Miss Gabriella more times than I can remember and she's only 2 (well almost two). I was thrilled when mom called me for holiday pictures and I was even happier when I got there. Gabriella is HILARIOUS and knows exactly what she wants and doesn't want!! See that beautiful fireplace in the background? When I got there it was ablaze with a lovely fire, but Miss Gabriella deemed it "too hot". Thank goodness for her daddy who was willing to battle the blaze for his little girl and scoop up the burning wood and bring it to the outside fire pit. Such a brave

Baby Bowevori

This little peanut was SO good during his session. He came in sleeping and pretty much stayed that way with the help of some rocking, holding, and cuddling. I loved having him here, and I can't wait to see him again. Congrats Fiona on a beautiful little boy.

Joseph & Paige

These are two of the cutest (most children I photograph. I look forward to seeing them and their mom every year. I first photographed them when Joseph was only a few weeks old, and now he's almost two!! I love watching them grow and I can't wait to see them next summer for some fun outdoor photos.