Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jonathan is 1 year old!!

This afternoon I got to play with an adorable little boy. Jonathan and his mommy came to my studio and we had a blast. He warmed up to me much quicker than expected and we were rewarded for it. We got to play with about seven different sets in total. I think that's a record for a 1yr I can't wait to finish going through the images because he is so darn cute!!

(click on the images to view it enlarged)


Friday, August 27, 2010


Q: On August 25, 2006 I shot my ____ wedding.

a) 10th
b) 1st
c) 4th
d) 20th

**first two correct answers win**
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family and personal friends cannot


Monday, August 23, 2010


Q: What date did I announce on on my blog that I was pregnant with Justin?

Two first two correct answers get the goodies!


ps - family and personal friends cannot play!!


Hey Parents, don't you love the way yearly school portraits chronicle your children's school years? But don't the upturned collars, blinked eyes, and other careless imperfections make you want to scream?

We've got an alternative to consider. On October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, we'll be conducting our popular School Portrait Sessions. The School Portrait promotion provides families with beautiful traditional school headshots at fantastic pricing -- packages start at only $45.00. Now there are no more worries about out-of-place hairs or odd expressions. During our quick caring session, we will capture your child's true self, while paying attention to the details. Call today to reserve your session for children who are enrolled in preschool through age 16.

Calling all seniors!! Did you take your senior portraits but wish you had something a little Call or email me and let's take some pictures that your parents will love and you'll be thrilled to give to your friends.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missed Free Stuff Friday!

Ok this Friday was Justin's 1st Birthday so I missed Free Stuff Friday. BUT we are going to make up for it this Friday. Up for grabs is a gift card to Starbucks, iTunes. The Free Stuff question will be posted on Monday morning and the contest will continue until we have two winners.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Smiling Kids

I've been asked by many people how do you get kids to smile. Well Unfortunatly I can't get all kids to smile. There is a such thing as a serious child. For the most part if you just talk to the kids and joke around you're bound to get a natural smile. For my oldest son, he loves to play the 1 2 3 game. The 1 2 3 game is where I count (very slowly) to 3 and after I say 3, he gets a good tickle. I get natural smiles and great expressions that way.

For kids kids 3-5 you can try the Repeat After Me game. They have to repeat everything you say, and then you toss in a silly word that they may have trouble saying. You'll be rewarded with a great natural smile, giggle, or a cool pensive expression.

Remember a great picture doesn't always have to have a smile. A great picture is all about capturing an image that speaks to you; a picture you will love for years to come.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Portfolio Galleries

More Slideshows coming soon!!

ABC Book

Cake Smash

Fairy Day

Newborns 0-6wks

Babies 7wks - 6mos

Babies 7mos - 12mos


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

Q: I get a call from a woman. She wants to take family photos for the holidays. I tell her what my early bird specials are and she books right away to save her date. We discuss what set she wants and what colors her family should wear. When I ask her how many people am I shooting she says, "Well there's me and my husband. We each have three daughters and every daughter has one brother."

How many people are in this family?

A: 9 people. The mother and the father each have three daughters, so that's 6 girls all together. Every daughter has one brother. 6 girls + 1 boy = 7 children. Add in Mom & Dad and that's a total of 9 people.

Our winner for Free Stuff Friday is: NO ONE!! out of everyone who emailed in No one got it right, but that means next friday the question will be a bit easier. Keep playing and checking back.

Thank you everyone for playing and we'll see you next week with a new contest and more free stuff


Friday, August 13, 2010

new props!!

I love getting new props in the mail. It's like Christmas everytime I see the Fedex or UPS truck in front of my Today I got this really cute tub. When I saw it I dug out my rubber duckies and an old bath robe that my little guy never wore because it was always too big until it was simply too I also love the fact that I have a baby to try all or most of my props out on when I get them.  Just wait until you guys see what I'm planning for my Holiday sessions!!



Contest for Friday August 13th.

I get a call from a woman. She wants to take family photos for the holidays. I tell her what
my early bird specials are and she books right away to save her date. We discuss
what set she wants and what colors her family should wear. When I ask her how
many people am I shooting she says, "Well there's me and my husband. We each
have three daughters and every daughter has one brother."

Q: How many people are in this family?

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***I'm extending the contest until 9pm 8/13***


Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm cleaning out my studio and I found a bunch of gift cards I intended to give away before.
Well there's no time like the present. Every Friday there will be a contest and a giveaway.
The contest will run from 3pm friday afternoon to 6:00pm friday evening.
The winner will be announced on Saturday Morning and their free stuff will go out on Monday.

I will accept the first 3 correct answers. The question will be posted at 3pm on Friday.

Monday, August 09, 2010

It's that time of year again.

Hi Everyone,

August is a very special month for my family. On August 18th my wonderful husband and I will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. On August 20th my baby, Justin, will be celebrating his 1st birthday. On August 28th my baby, A.J., will be celebrating his 8th birthday.

So here's the deal!!

Orders placed on August 18th will receive one free 8x10.
Orders placed on August 20th will receive two free sheets of wallets.
Orders placed on August 28th will receive two free sheets of wallets.

after you place your order, send me an email with the image number you want for your free photos.


Thursday, August 05, 2010

August 2010 Newsletter {New Jersey Family and Event Photographer}

Click the link below to read the August newsletter in pdf format. Only the clients that sign up for the emailed newsletter will have access to whatever specials or coupons in that version of the newsletter.

August 2010


Monday, August 02, 2010

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Fairies have come and gone...{New Jersey Child & Fairy Photographer}

Well Fairy Day is all done. To say I had a FANTASTIC time with all the little girls and one little boy (Hi William!!!) would be a gross understatement. I can't thank everyone enough for coming out on this beautiful day and playing dress-up with me. I'm off to do massive editing so I get get the gallerys online. Thank you Mom for making all the costumes. Thank you Nadine for being great photographer's assistants. Thank you Mary Ann for the lense. Thank you Harold for being so supportive when I was stressing about the set and other things. Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful headbands. Last but not least, thank you Bryanna for babysitting the boys.

It's been a long day but I plugged through to get a sneak peek for you all to see. Enjoy!!!

(click on the image to see a larger version)
We had six costumes but almost every little girl wanted to wear the yellow

Fairy Sessions are now available for private sessions with prices beginning at $200 for studio sessions and $300 for on location sessions.