Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On a personal note....

Yesterday morning my husband was involved in a car accident. He is ok, but suffering from back pain. I'm sharing this with you for a few reasons.

1) when you see a police, fire, or emt vehicle coming your way DO NOT STOP IN THEIR DIRECT PATH!! Just move aside or step on the gas to get out of their way.

2) Not all police officers are jerks. I happen to know plenty of men and women who do their job with pride, professionalism, and heart. They take tons of abuse and do their best to help people in spite of that abuse. They truely have a thankless job.

3) Next time you stop to complain about an officer being a jerk, stop and think about your attitude toward him/her.

4) Every cop goes to work praying they come home to their families when their shift is over. Do you do that when you go to your nice desk job for the ABC company?

It takes a brave soul to become a police officer/fireperson/emt so stop complaining about how they are doing their job and just say thank you for them doing their job.