Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Even though we are a small growing studio we always "Find A Way To Make A Way" to donate to charity. The charity that is closest to our hearts is Autism Speaks. This year a portion of our proceeds from our special events will be donated to our Walk Far for Naar team "AJ's Gs". We fundraise every year in honor of my oldest son Alexander (AJ). He was diagnosed with autism at 2yrs old. He has improved so much over the years but we still have alot of work to do to get him where he should be to have a productive and fulfilling independent life.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder. It effects an individuals behavior, language skills, social skills, and sensory processing system. It's causes are still a mystery to doctors and researchers.

Recent stats show...

* 1 in 94 children in New Jersey has been diagnosed with Autism.
* Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability.
* Autism is four times more prevalent in boys than girls in the US
* More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined
* There has been a 172% increase in Autism in the U.S. in the last decade
* It costs America $90 Million a year to take care of Autistic Individuals needs
* The divorce rate for families with an Autistic child is 80%
* Autism has been on the map since 1943


For a $25 donation you will receive a disk with three (3) hi-res images to use however you wish. You can use them for business cards, websites, press releases, facebook, or whatever else you can think of. They will be your images.

**This offer is for headshots only and not intended to be a portrait session.

 Please help us blow our team goal of $1500 out of the water!!

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