Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cool News!

A wedding coordinator I'm friendly with just sent me the below email. Take a look and check her out.

Hi Everyone -

For anyone who doesnt know, I did another wedding last week (with my new coordinator business; "The Aisle Runner") and two nights before the wedding, I got a call from NBC Nightly News. They were doing a segment on the economy and how its affected the wedding industry. They asked if Id like to be featured in it,and if my bride and groom would like to be the featured couple. We said yes. They came to the wedding with cameras and follwed us around all day. They interviewed me and the couple too. I have no idea what or how much of my interview they will actually USE, but either way, its amazing exposure for my new business!

So just wanted to let everyone know that the segment will be airing this Sunday night on NBC NIGHTLY NEWS. Thats the national news show so its on everywhere, 6:30pm-7pm eastern time. Check me out! (Im sure I look awful and sweaty ...the wedding was outdoors and it was HUMID as all hell Im a bit scared,but oh well... )

The producer said it will probably be the last or one of the last stories in the half hour, so look for it. Also, The Today Show will be picking up part of the story and that should be airing NEXT Saturday morning. Not sure what time that show is on ... I think its different everywhere.


Here's the video...


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