Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Girls Night In!! oooohh la la

I love it when my girlfriends and I get together. We talk, eat great food, and just have fun. So this month it was my turn to host girls night. I asked everyone to bring a nice top and have their hair done. The fabulous Emily took care of all of our makeup needs and by the end of the night my friends were all divalicious and feeling really good about themselves.

I enjoyed giving them a peek into my job and what I do, and I LOVED the looks on their faces when they saw their makeup and finished pictures.

The BEST comment of the night was this.....

"When my husband tries to take pictures of me, I see a fat chick in makeup, but when you take pictures of me I see a beautiful woman. Thank you."

My heart swelled when she said that to me, because at the end of the day my job is to make you feel as good as you look!!

These glamour girls night shoots can be for any age. The youngest in front of my camera this weekend was 14 and the oldest was 58. These shoots are for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

Thank you ladies I had a blast!!

Keep It Sexy!!

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