Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Beautiful Woman

Hey guys!!

Let me just tell you about the wonderful shoot I had this Saturday. I can honestly say that shooting Boudoir is my favorite to do next to newborns. There is something about capturing a woman feeling and looking sexy. We had such a fun time and she was totally relaxed by the time we got into the second outfit.

Now I know it usually takes a few days to proof sessions, but I had them done by this evening. She looked so awesome that I couldn't pull myself away from the computer. I sent her the password for her gallery tonight and here is what she had to say. I'm sharing her words because the nature of the shoot stops me from sharing a photo. Who knows, she may give her permission for me to show one of them in a few days. But take my word for it, she looked AWESOME!!! Her husband is going to get one heck of a Christmas gift!!

"omg....they are sooo awesome, they look amazing. there are some there that look like a magazine my favorites are the guitar ones and the one where you come in tight with me wearing the jersey where my eyelashes look reeallly long and the focus is soft. that is the perfect shot. I actually love all of them. You made me look outside as beautiful that I feel inside and I cannot thank you enough for that."

Responses like this just makes it clear to me that I am doing what God intended me to do.


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