Sunday, November 11, 2007

Will trade Photos for Food..

Ok, to the average person my title may sound very desprite. Let me explain it for you....

Durring November and December if you donate two cans of food durring your session, you will receive a free 5x7 print. You can add the cans up to receive a free 16x20 print. All of the cans will be donated to local food kitchen to help provide hot healthy meals to families in need this holiday season.

2 cans = 5x7
4 cans = 8x10
6 cans = 10x13
8 cans = 11x14
10 cans = 16x20

Imagine if you couldn't feed your babies and had to go without basic nutrition. You can help those families with this small gesture of kindness. Reach out and help a family in need.


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